There are basically two types of dental handpieces, air-driven (high-speed) and electric (high or low speed/constant torque).

High-speed/air driven drilling is one of the main reasons teeth become sensitive to hot and cold after dental treatment. High speed/air driven drilling can cause the death of teeth due to friction and heat that cause trauma to the pulp (nerve) inside the tooth.  Studies have shown that even a small increase in temperature during tooth drilling procedures can cause irreversible damage to a tooth. Teeth can become sensitive after high-speed drilling and can have pain that lasts from days to months. Teeth can also die and require root canal therapy or removal.

Electric (constant torque) handpieces are much stronger and slower than air-driven due to the fact that a motor (constant torque) is spinning the bur as opposed to air pressure. This allows Dr. Butler to remove decay at a lower speed and with less friction and heat. This is gentler on your tooth! In addition, you don't have to listen to the high pitched whining sound of the air driven drill. Electric handpieces are much quieter during use.

Dr. Butler has invested in the best dental handpiece technology from Switzerland, Bien Air.