Dr. Butler recommends Oral Essentials by Lumineux. These products are free of alcohol, synthetic solvents, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and dyes. This system does combine herbs, vitamins, and essential oils in professional strength products. 

Dr. Butler also recommends the Rotdent Plus Rotary toothbrush. This brush has been clinically proven to remove 92 percent of plaque in the first minute of use. There are several reasons that this brush works better than a manual toothbrush:

  • micro access filaments (smaller bristles that reach both below the gum line and in between teeth.
  • tapered brush heads with different shapes that access spots that other toothbrushes leave untouched.
  • full 360-degree sweeping action of brush head.
  • timer cycle that promotes two-minute brushing cycle with 30 second quad indicator.
  • She recommends “Xylitol” products to help reduce the incidence of decay for ALL of her patients.
  • Treats for all ages-

Curaprox manual toothbrushes with soft or ultra soft bristles. These can be ordered on Amazon.

Dental floss, floss piks and interdental brushes can clean between teeth and should be used daily in addition to brushing.

Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain oral health in the least invasive way possible using the best natural products available!